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Nessessary steps for the price protection of new & old products additions to the website.
CFB has decided to make some changes to the website. It is now necessary to log in before gaining access to product prices & multi-buy opportunities.
Apparently produce stores are wishing to follow our lead with same product brands & prices.
To safeguard CFB even further. The next step is a STATUS  de-activation of members, who have never placed an order & or have not placed an order in the last 3 months.
We realise that some members have registered, but never ordered on the website & have made a cash purchase at markets & the warehouse.
When you login & it doesn't work. You will need to contact us to  re-activate your status.
This action will take placed over the next few days.
CFB is about to enter a block of new products & ideas.
Some mills have closed & addressing the issue of poor quality products.
We hope this hasn't inconvenienced you.
We value you support.
Garry & Meta



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